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Plain Mat

Plain Mat



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For motor skill exercises: very soft, supple mats

Children's play mats: ideal for motor skill activities!

  • Fitted with an anti-slip base.
  • Laminated surface in vinyl fabric = ultra-hygienic.
  • Entirely sewn, highly resistant thread = safe.
  • 30 kg/m³ foam, long-lasting and durable, will not lose its shape.
  • Biosourced materials
  • Bio-sourced VINYL FABRIC.
  • Phthalate-free, PVC-free
  • Bio-sourced VINYL FABRIC.

Dimensions: L: 130 cm - W: 65 cm - Th: 2 cm.
Made from: 30 kg/m³ density POLYURETHANE FOAM covered in a cotton-based bio-sourced VINYL FABRIC.
Washing: with water.

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