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Plain Mat 130 X 130 Cm

Plain Mat 130 X 130 Cm



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For motor skill exercises: very soft, supple mats

Suitable for the acquisition of motor skills, this soft and supple mat keeps baby safe during their first activities. Hygienic and practical, it can be washed with a sponge. Our mats are made in France, fire-retardant and do not contain phthalates or heavy metals.

  • Fitted with an anti-slip base.
  • Laminated surface in vinyl fabric = ultra-hygienic.
  • Entirely sewn, highly resistant thread = safe.
    30 kg/m³ foam, long-lasting and durable, will not lose its shape.
  • Phthalate-free

Dimensions: L: 130 cm - W: 130 cm - Th: 2 cm.
Density: Densité 30 kg/m³.
Made from: 30 kg/m³ density POLYURETHANE FOAM covered with a jersey-lined VINYL FABRIC.
Washing: with water.

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