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Horseshoe Cushion Small Size

Horseshoe Cushion Small Size



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The baby support cushion helps infants find their balance when they start sitting up. Babies feel secure when surrounded by the cushion. The child observes the environment from various points of view and their position encourages them to perceive their body in a different way. Free to move, they are able to handle all kinds of objects.

  • Fabrics guaranteed free of azo dyes.
  • Comforting: holds the infant securely and gives a sense of safety.
  • Practical: easily transportable.
  • Free of azo dyes
  • Never position a horseshoe cushion at height. It must always be placed on the floor.
  • Baby-support cushions are not intended for sleeping.

Dimensions: Ext: W: 53 cm - D: 42 cm - th: 15 cm. Int: W: 18 cm - D: 14 cm.
Washing: at 30 °C.

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