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Basic Large Park Ball Pool Without Balls

Basic Large Park Ball Pool Without Balls



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A place to relax and play

Children love falling into, playing and relaxing in our ball pools. Through play, they become aware of their bodies, develop motor skills and learn to play together.

  • Our ball pools have been developed through our unique knowledge, ensuring optimum quality and safety for children.
  • Resistant: Highly resistant vinyl fabric. 24 kg/m³ foam: long-lasting and durable, will not lose its shape.
  • Hygienic: the vinyl fabric is easy to clean with either a soft cloth or sponge and cold soapy water. Each ball pool has a base mat.
  • Quick to install: Each component is fitted with Velcro strips from top to bottom
  • Complies with standard EN 1021-1 : flammability of filled furnishings
  • Phthalate-free
  • All of our products need to be used under adult supervision.

Composition: 3 corner pieces, 4 rectangular pieces, 1 quarter circle piece, 1 large playpen base mat, 2 flower containers, 1 target container, 4 x 90° corner Tiny Tot modules, 1 Tiny Tot small waves module and 1 Tiny Tot large waves module.
Dimensions: L: 216 cm - W: 216 cm - H: 30 cm - th: 15 cm.
Made from: VINYL COVERS.
Washing: using a soft cloth in cold soapy water.
Tips for using: Indoor use.
Other: Ideal ball volume: 1000 balls.

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