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Basic Floor Seat

Basic Floor Seat



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Ideal for flexible classrooms

The floor seats are generally arranged around a low table in a more informal setting than with a standard desk.

This chair invites children and adults to sit comfortably on the floor for individual and group work. Its practical vinyl fabric cover is surface washable to eliminate pen or marker stains in a flash.

  • Comfort and strength: high-density 24 kg/m³ foam interior (does not sag over time).
  • Easy clean: the vinyl cover is easy to clean with a cloth or soft sponge and cold soapy water.
  • Phthalate-free

Dimensions: H: 43 cm – Seat width: 40 cm - Seat H: 10 cm.
Made from: VINYL COVERS.
Fitted with: Fitted with an anti-slip base.
Washing: using a soft cloth in cold soapy water.


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