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Baby Support Cushion Mat Nomad

Baby Support Cushion Mat Nomad



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Perfectly safe, the cushion helps the child to find their balance when they start sitting up. They can observe their surroundings or handle toys.

  • Removable cover: with zip closure
  • Strong: support cushion securely stitched to mat
  • Safe: no risk of slipping
  • Comfortable: soft mat
  • Free of azo dyes
  • Never position a baby support cushion at height. It must always be placed on the floor. The baby support cushion is not intended for sleeping.

Dimensions: Mat: L: 90 cm - W: 45 cm. Baby support: D: 37 cm - W: 42 cm - th: 12 cm.
Made from: 100% POLYESTER VELVET FABRIC padded with POLYESTER fibres.
Washing: at 30 °C.

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