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Babi Up Unit The Hideout

Babi Up Unit The Hideout



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The storage unit that helps children grow!
Specially designed for tiny tots!

More than simply storage furniture, the BABI Up range creates genuine spaces for exploration and discovery. It combines storage furniture designed to help toddlers stand, facilitate their first steps, and furniture for fine motor activities, which can also be used as a tunnel or hideout. These units are connected to each other by connections that form a passage or close the space. For even more stimulation, these units can be perfectly combined with our mats and traction modules.

Children can enter this hideout thanks to the vinyl-coated exterior! Inside, a low chair beckons for relaxation, and through the window, they can observe the world around them.

  • Large handles for climbing
  • Curtain for hiding
  • From eco-managed forests

Composition: 1 unit, 1 low chair and 1 curtain.
Dimensions: L: 77 cm - W: 62 cm - H: 86 cm. Low chair: Sitting height: 17 cm.
Made from: Varnished PLYWOOD (structure) VINYL-COATED (low chair and curtain).
Delivery: Delivered flat-packed, do-it-yourself installation.

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